Province of British Columbia and Fraser Basin Council


October 2018 to December 2020


Province of British Columbia (provincial project)

Their challenge

British Columbia is home to more than 100 orphaned flood protection structures that are not currently maintained. These pose a risk to society. The Province wished to catalog and understand the risk posed by these structures to inform an approach to manage them in future. In addition to summarizing the risk across the province and providing input for risk-based prioritization (i.e., which structures pose the highest risk and should be addressed first?), the Province also required individual reports for each structure to share with the respective communities.

Our solution

Working as a sub-consultant, our role was to take engineering survey information related to dike integrity from the prime consultant and develop a consistent methodology to establish the consequences and risk of failure of these structures. For each of the more than 100 structures, we delineated hazard areas based on the hazard type, and obtained and processed a variety of exposure datasets for six holistic indicators (e.g., Census, BC Assessment, BC Environmental Management System, BC Archaeology, etc.). Given the large number of risk assessments to complete, we automated the risk processing workflow (including generation of individual reports) using the programming language R. 

Our deliverables included risk summary reports for each structure, as well as a province-wide assessment to help the Province prioritize next steps.


Flood Risk Assessment

Project assets

… this is some really good work! There was a lot of creativity and applied engineering in your approaches and I know the thoughtfulness that went into making this a strong deliverable to the communities of BC…

– Mitchell Hahn 
Former Head Flood Safety Section, FLNRORD

Risk Assessment of BC’s Orphaned Flood Protection Structures Appendix B: Provincial Risk Summary Report