Protective Services, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD)


March to November 2021


Upper Paradise Valley / Tunnel Station Portion of the Cheakamus River

Their challenge

The regional district and its neighbours (Squamish Nation, District of Squamish) needed to fill a gap in understanding of flood and related hazards for a critical portion of the Cheakamus River. They needed to know which areas are likely to get wet and when, and which areas are susceptible to erosion and debris flows. They also needed to know what valued elements are exposed to these hazards, to support land use planning and emergency management objectives.

Our solution

We worked with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to produce modern flood maps that exceeded standard practice and guidelines. A range of flood scenarios and geohazards were the foundation to create public education, Flood Construction Level, and risk maps. These tools will support future development and emergency response decisions. They were also developed with input from regional partners to ensure consistency in flood management approaches along the river.


Flood Hazard Assessment and Flood Mapping

Flood Risk Assessment

All-Hazards Risk Assessment

Project assets

Flood Construction Level Map

Public Education Map

Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment – Upper Paradise Valley