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Disaster, natural hazard risk, and climate adaptation are hugely important to the long-term resilience of communities. However, because they only impact us occasionally, they are not top-of-mind for many. And, for most small and even medium-sized communities, these are “off-the-side-of-the-desk” type concerns. Without capacity, it is hard to keep on top of available grants, let alone gather information, write content, and otherwise complete application forms.  

Ebbwater, as a firm that is wholly invested in the space of natural hazard risk and climate adaptation, has a team that knows what granting programs are available from the public and private sectors. We can help you keep abreast of existing and future programs, as well as key milestone dates.

As a firm that has helped develop disaster mitigation funding programs (e.g., National Disaster Mitigation Program, Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund, etc.), we have a good understanding of what are the most important elements of an application, and can help you write a strong submission. We have successfully helped First Nation and local governments apply for millions of dollars of funding from:

  • National Disaster Mitigation Program (now retired)
  • Disaster Mitigation Adaptation Fund
  • First Nations Adapt
  • BC Community Emergency Preparedness Fund


Our team starts by understanding your community needs, and then working with you to select the right fund and stream for your application.  We will then help you gather the right information, and support you to write the content. The level of support we can provide is up to you, and dependent on your individual community needs.


When you work with Ebbwater you increase your chances of a successful grant application. We also support you to learn a little about natural hazard risk and climate adaptation as part of the effort, so that you are well-placed to implement your project once it is funded.

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