Flood Hazard Assessment and Flood Mapping


Making quality flood maps requires a specialized team of trained professionals who have expertise to understand how much water could be expected, how it will move across the floodplain, and how to best communicate this to engineers, planners, emergency responders, and the public.  

Our team brings together hydrologists, hydraulic modellers, and GIS specialists to build maps for your community that can be relied on for your engineering and planning decisions. Our maps are based on federal guidelines and meet provincial specifications in BC (heck, they should, we wrote them). But, we also draw on international best and leading practice to source new modelling methods, new ways to present information on static maps, as well as all sorts of fun interactive online techniques to communicate what is both scary and complicated information.

Finally, we produce reporting that provides the technical details – so that future consultants and technical experts can quickly pick up the work – as well as concise and easily-understandable information for decision-makers and the public.

Our team, sometimes working with other experts (surveyors, geomorphologists), can make detailed hazard assessment maps for coastal and riverine environments. We also make base level hazard assessment and hazard identification maps for high-level planning.  At Ebbwater, because we have decades of experience making maps, we also act as client engineers for mapping projects, stewarding First Nation and Local governments through their mapping projects from scoping, through procurement, and technical review of modelling and reporting deliverables.


  • HEC suite (HMS, RAS, RAS2D, etc.)
  • TELEMAC suite
  • QGIS
  • Python and R programming languages


We rigorously and iteratively verify, calibrate, and validate our model, auditing our outputs with external experts to meet peer-review best practices.


Disorganized knowledge in the form of highly technical reports, or outdated and fragmented maps can lead to confusion on flood potential. Communities that partner with Ebbwater complete the puzzle for renewed understanding that takes community into account. At the end of your project, you’ll have an open-source flood model and easy-to-understand reports and maps suitable for public education. You’ll know “where the water will go.”


We have appreciated working with the Ebbwater team…and the kind of amazing work that they do. It’s been really something to see how the process unfolds and… watch the experts do their work.

– Bruce Greig
Manager of Community Planning, District of Ucluelet

In 2021, Ebbwater Consulting completed floodplain mapping and risk assessment work for the SLRD in Electoral Area D. Ebbwater delivered robust and innovative, value-added results utilising a specialist, multi-disciplinary team to address the complex mix of factors influencing flood risk in the project area. They were a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional value.

– Sarah Morgan, MA (DEM), PMP
Director of Protective Services

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