About Us

Our story

Pick any place in the world and you’ll find that communities large or small have technical data on the potential for rising water—but struggle to connect it to meaningful action. After 15 years in the flood management sector, Tamsin Lyle noticed this common thread. Project work produced by highly technical teams was strong—but it was rarely being used.

Realizing there was an untapped opportunity to help communities make better decisions, Tamsin created Ebbwater in 2013 to bridge the gap. With a singular focus on shifting communities from inaction to real implementation, the Ebbwater team was established to connect data, engineering, and science, with real, on-the-ground traction for flood management planners.

Today Ebbwater is at the forefront of the next generation of flood management planning and policy. Creating simple, accessible processes for communities, the team is forging ground to make water manageable.

By embodying a simple truth, that interaction with water touches every aspect of our lives, Ebbwater integrates community needs and wellbeing into the process to address society’s biggest challenges, from disaster mitigation to climate adaptation.

Our purpose

To help communities and natural environments thrive through our application of scientific rigour to mitigate evolving risks in a changing world.

Our values

  • Lead with integrity
  • Deliver expert service
  • Apply scientific excellence
  • Develop collaborative approaches
  • Never stop learning

We approach every project with professional integrity and a spirit of curiosity

1. We start with discovery

Understanding your challenge is fundamental and the foundation of our working relationship.

2. We reflect and research

We establish a cooperative approach that takes Rights holders and stakeholder needs into account.

3. We assign your service team

Complex issues require carefully thought-out solutions. Your multidisciplinary team is chosen for their skill set to fit your unique needs.

4. We deliver meaningful results

We make computer models and write excellent reports, but we go further to provide implementable engineering, policy, and planning solutions.

Our comprehensive process allows you to see the big picture in flood management planning

We're part of a global network of flood and climate science experts

Water doesn’t obey borders, so flood management shouldn’t happen in isolation. We develop best practice approaches through collaboration with thought leaders around the world.

We love to action data

Sharing our flood risk analysis with the world helps us all succeed. That’s why we prize technical storytelling and sharing open-source resources to support communities everywhere.

We offer an on-the-ground, locally-sourced suite of flood risk tools and expertise

Our in-house technical expertise and credibility is based on years of hands-on work in the field. Our team applies the latest tools and skill sets to develop flood management solutions.

Our expertise

We view flood and flood risk management through an integrated lens. Understanding the mechanics is just the first step. We can help you implement policy and planning ideas, and communicate your data through analysis and storytelling. We’re fully immersed in the challenges presented by flood risk management. Our solutions are mindful of community, putting actionable results at the forefront.

Trusted By

For institutions at all levels, from the Federal Government of Canada to rural municipalities and private real estate developers, we’re trusted to bring a community-focused lens to flood management planning.

Meet the Ebbwater team

Holistically-focused on flood and natural hazard management, our multidimensional team works diligently to promote safer and more sustainable environments. Risk reduction is our full-time passion. For us, it’s not just about water levels. We’re focused on evolving hazards that threaten our communities, ecosystems, and our future on a sustainable planet.

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